Boxing gloves Brands and their History

In this first blog post i am going to start with history for some of the best brands that are making boxing gloves.This is the first of many posts so please dont send me angry emails and messages if i have left out some of the brands in this article.

So lets start with a Boxing gloves brands :



Country of origin: Germany

Founder: Adi Dassler

Brand specialized in basketball and football, but their products for boxing are very good and great quality. In 1971 they manufactured the first boots for boxing which were used in the historical fight:”Fight of the Century” where Muhammad Ali faced Joe Frazier. In this brand, boots are my favorite, as their main market are sneakers or athletic shoes.


seyerCountry of origin: Mexico

Founder: Carlos Reyes (half brother of Don Cleto Reyes)

In 1940 this brand started as a producer of equipment for baseball. Later and with the momentum that were taking Don Cleto Reyes gloves they shifted to producing equipment for boxing. The story is very interesting. Don Cleto Reyes (1920-1999), worked from the age of 12 in a shop owned by his media brethren where baseball “Seyer”-branded items were manufactured. In 1939 while working with his media brethren, at home it began making gloves for boxing, obtaining immediate prestige for its quality. In 1971 his son Alberto Reyes joined work bound by medical inability to Don Cleto, starting gradually with the redesign of the models, implementation of new techniques in manufacturing processes, recruitment of staff and development of new products.

Due to the confusion caused in the market there are two qualities with seemingly equal brands, Box Committee demanded that the origin of manufacture is differed. In 1940 Mr. Carlos Reyes registers his mark SEYER identifying their products with baseball brands made in their workshop. Don Cleto Reyes used the logo “Kings” from 1945 to 1975, identifying his boxing gloves. Already with some differences between family and separated entirely from Don Cleto Reyes, Carlos Reyes used this logo from 1945 to 1990. His media brethren did not accept any negotiation with Alberto and in 1975 ‘Cleto Reyes’ name was registered as a trade mark, being a very uncomfortable situation for relatives who managed to keep their sales due to this confusion.

However, they have corrected their logo in an attempt to keep this confusion and immediately published a full-page in leading newspapers of that time. In 1991 before a bad financial situation of the workshop of his half brothers, Alberto Reyes tried to buy the brand, but they would not sell. And in 1994 the brand was finally sold to Industrias Palomares (gloves Palomares) before the definitive closure of the workshop that manufactured products SEYER. Currently there is no relation of the company Industria Reyes, S. A. de C. V. owners of Cleto Reyes brand with the Palomares company mark SEYER.Cleto Reyes on the other hand is still making very good boxing gloves and they are on the list of the best boxing gloves for 2015


corti boxing glovesCountry of origin: Argentina

Founder: Eduardo Corti.

In 1938, Eduardo Corti started in trade in professional and amateur boxitems. Today Corti is known nationally and internationally while maintaining quality and constantly adjusting to the rules in force in major world boxing organizations. Without a doubt the best brand in Argentina, for its quality and comfort gloves are highly recommended.


palomaersCountry of origin: Mexico

Founder: Francisco Palomares

In 1938 began operations in the State of Mexico. Originally brand oriented to produce items for baseball, but eventually also specialized in boxing. For those who don’t know, popular gloves brand FPX mean Francisco Palomares Xalostoc. Very good and cheap. He is currently a brand in Mexico since they are sold in shops throughout the Mexican Republic.


charlie boxing glovesCountry of origin: Spain

Founder: Charlie (real name unknown)

In the 80s started this story with a young man named Charlie originally from Cadiz but raised in the District of Tetuán. It began in the most modest way what was to become a great emporium of sportswear. Charlie was a great fan of martial arts.He had a gym in calle Francos Rodríguez and began selling boxing gloves from his own home to friends and gym clients. I’ve never taken a few Charlie gloves to recommend them, But their success in Spain speaks for itself.

Bad Boy

Bad Boy boxing glovesCountry of origin: United States

Founder: Johnny Boy Gomes

Brands start was in 1980 as a store and brand of Southern California where they were dedicated 100% to the surf and skate, sports popular in California, when Rickson Gracie Brazilian Jiu Jitsu expert joined the team and started in the sport of mixed martial arts and boxing, among others.We definitely recommend mouth guards and glove wraps.


Casanova boxing glovesCountry of origin: Mexico

In reality, we do not know if this brand honors or belongs to the family of the legendary Mexican fighter Rodolfo “Chango” Casanova, but what they are sure is that these gloves are one with great history, very good quality and cheap. We know that they sold them in the United States and the workshop where they make them is located in the Calle Sol of the legendary Colonia Guerrero of the Mexico City.


fire boxing glovesCountry of origin: Mexico

Founder : CP. Luis Antonio Herrera Perez

Brand was founded in 2007 and they are currently the official mark for competition in the tournaments of amateur boxing in Mexico, backed by the Mexican Federation of Amateur Boxing (FMBA). This brand of gloves is great all around product but its only downside is that its not that accessible to customers around the world.


VenumCountry of origin: Brazil

This brand begins its operations in 2006, and is known mainly for his fight shorts with excellent designand quality. We can recommend  their leather gloves because the are good quality,and also have an endless number of designs for training and those who like collecting, this is a good option.


Rival boxing glovesCountry of origin: Canada

In 2003 were manufactured the first gloves. 100% recommended, excellent quality and durability.


Morales boxing glovesCountry of origin: Mexico

Starts to manufacture between 2006 and 2008, and although all immediately associate that these gloves are related to the great Mexican champion Erik “El Terrible” Morales, that is not true. This is a very good brand of boxing’s equipment has just recently entred into the market, it has been very well accepted by their quality and economic power of acquisition.The workshop is in the colony agricultural East of the city of Mexico. We recommend leather gloves with Velcro and Dowitcher, excellent and comfortable to do sparring.

Boxing gloves Brands and their History